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Meet Your Designer!

"I take pride in the ability to create a well-designed floor plan that is cost effective yet makes your neighbors jealous of how beautiful and unique your home is."

Hello! My name is Austin Stevenson, Heres How I Can Help You


Being the raised by an architect and builder, I have looked up to my dad since as long as i can remember and have been obsessed with home design since job shadowing Him in 5th grade.

He has taught me not only how to build a home the right way, but how to design a house to be cost effective to build while being unique and eye catching.

   I have spent years both on site building homes, and behind the computer seeing costs and designing homes,     Resulting in a unique knowledge of how to create homes that look amazing and can be built as cost effective as possible.

 I only take on 5 projects I'm passionate about at a time, and put my all into designing the home that you have been envisioning for you and your family.


So you are ready to take the first step toward your dream home? CONGRATS! 

While it may seem intimidating it doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems, and it is well worth the time and money you are dedicating to it!

As someone who has been involved in the construction industry since 14 years old, I Have seen both sides of the spectrum when it comes to building your dream home.

One thing that plays a huge role in which side you fall under is having a correct and well-designed home to begin with. 

5 Common Mistakes when getting your home designed...

               - A design with excessive jogs and wall placement, Resulting in a much higher cost in lumber and labor.

               - An Architect who has never worked construction or even been to a construction site, Resulting in a beautiful yet costly design or potential problems with the home down the line.

               - Home design not matching the area its being built, Resulting in flooding issues, Roofing Wear and Tear, Foundational problems.

               - Design Process Taking Much Longer Than it Needs, Big Architectual Firms often give residential projects to newer architects, or overload how many they are working on at once, Its better to go with an architect that will give you their focus and attention. (Like Me)

What You'll Get With STATUS House Plans

Complete Set Of Plans

Including: Project overview, Floor plans, Detailed Dimensions, Foundation Plan, Exterior elevations, Detailed cross section, Electrical design, Roof framing plan, Floor framing plan, Window and Door Schedule, And 3d Image representation.

Fixed Pricing

No added fees or upsells at the end,
No extra fees for CAD Files, Garage Square Footage FREE, No Extra Fees Ever.

Payment Plan Available

6-12 month payment plans with 0% interest is available for all plans.

STATUS Vs Other Architecture firms.

Lower Pricing, Better Result

Because I Dedicate My time to only 5 Clients Per month, Im able to provide unique and thought out Homes AND Save my clients thousands of dollars.
With no employees and No big expensive office, I can charge much less For a better product. 

Experience With Homes

Most architectural firms pass off residential work to their newer less experienced draftsmen.

And most Architects have never swung a hammer, therefore don't know how to design a house to make construction go smoothly and save the client money and time.

Recent Customer Reviews

custom farmhouse home
"My wife and I were looking for a skilled, reliable, and friendly architect to design our new home. 
       Of course, finding an affordable architect was important to us, too.  A co-worker knew the type of architect we were looking for and referred us to Juniper.
       Our Designer, Austin, was fantastic every step of the way.  He patiently listened to our ideas.  While accurately putting these ideas on paper, he also provided great insight into what changes could be made to improve our build. 
     He gave us an initial price that we liked and kept to that price.  He is a man of integrity and great at what he does.  If you're in the market for a new home and want a great custom plan, then we highly recommend Juniper."

- Brett and Rosalee

Recent Projects

What are you waiting for?

Whether you have land and a builder waiting, or you are just exploring the option of building a home instead of buying.  You'll Need a set of plans!

Apply now, if there's Spots available you can get the process started! If not, you'll be contacted as soon as a spot opens up!

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